The PICOSUN® Morpher: Disruptive ALD Product Platform for up-to-200 mm Wafer Industries

The PICOSUN® Morpher ALD product platform has been designed to revolutionize the up-to-200 mm wafer industries in Beyond and More than Moore technologies. It enables quick, high-throughput, and 100% automatic production of sensors, MEMS, lasers, power electronics, LEDs, optics, and 5G components with industry-leading operational agility, process quality, and reliability.

ALD System for the Wafer Industry

Morpher is capable of adapting to the changing requirements of the industry and the needs of its customers, on all business levels from corporate R&D to production and foundry manufacturing.

Excellent flexibility in substrate materials, batch size, and substrate, as well as the broad process range, make Morpher truly a transformable, all-inclusive manufacturing facility to enable its customers to be the driving force in the industry.

ALD System for the Wafer Industry

Technical Features

Typical Substrate Size and Type

  • 200 mm wafers in batches up to 50 pcs
  • 150 mm wafers in batches up to 50 pcs
  • 100 mm wafers in batches up to 50 pcs
  • High aspect ratio samples (up to 1:2500)
  • Substrate materials: Si, quartz, InP, glass, GaN, GaAs, SiC, LiNbO3, LiTaO3

Processing Temperature and Capacity

  • 50 °C to 300 °C
  • Up to 1000 wafers in 24 hours at 15 nm Al2O3 thickness

Typical Processes

  • Batch processes available with cycle times down to single-digit seconds
  • Al2O3, Ta2O5, SiO2, HfO2, TiO2, ZrO2, ZnO, and metals
  • Down to less than 1% 1σ non-uniformity in a batch (WIW, Al2O3, B2B, WTW, 49 pts, 5 mm EE)

Substrate Loading

  • Cassette-to-cassette batch loading via Picoplatform™ 200 vacuum cluster system
  • Completely automatic loading with vacuum cluster tool integrated with vertical flip function
  • Optional SMIF station

Key Software Features

  • Unified interface to control the entire cluster with a single communication protocol (Ethercat)
  • Autonomous recipe editor allowing recipe writing and modification during process runs, with dynamic structure (scalable format for each recipe)
  • Fixed loop control cycle with 1/20 ms data logging rate, equipped with multi-tasking feature
  • SECS/GEM integration to factory host
  • Fully exportable data; datalogger is accessible remotely


  • Solid, liquid, gas, ozone
  • Up to 12 sources with six individual inlets
  • Level sensors, cleaning, and refill service

The PICOSUN® Morpher is engineered for completely automated handling of wafer batches in combination with industry-standard single-wafer vacuum cluster platforms. Innovative, patented wafer batch flipping mechanism allows integration of the system with semiconductor manufacturing lines where most of the processing occurs in horizontal geometry. The SEMI S2/S8 certification guarantees that the system matches with the stringent regulations of the industry.

The PICOSUN® Morpher ALD system can be incorporated into factory automation through SECS/GEM protocol. The advanced software provides easy, safe, and fail-proof operation of the system via an intuitive and efficient graphical user interface.

With its patented dual-chamber, hot-wall reactor design coupled with completely separated precursor conduits and inlets, Picosun creates the maximum quality ALD films with exceptional yield, superior optical and electrical performance, and low particle levels.

Morpher’s compact, ergonomic design with easy and quick maintenance guarantees the lowest cost of ownership in the market, and minimum system downtime.

PICOSUN® Morpher - the new ALD production platform for up to 200 mm wafer markets

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