D8 DISCOVER Plus — High-Performance X-Ray Diffraction from Bruker

Bruker AXS has introduced the latest ATLAS™ goniometer for the D8 DISCOVER Plus X-ray diffraction solution. The goniometer offers an unparalleled angular and beam-positioning precision.

Applications that are specifically demanding can benefit from more reliable and accurate data quality in terms of intensity, shape, and peak position. An optional non-coplanar detector arm enables highly precise in-plane grazing incidence diffraction (IPGID) analyses of sample characteristics parallel to the surface and surface-sensitive investigations of ultrathin films.

The ATLAS™ goniometer includes ingenious mechanics which, when integrated with Bruker’s novel Automatic Torque Control (ATC), increase the movement accuracy of heavier components and, at the same time, reduce mechanical wear.

Bruker D8 DISCOVER Plus

Key Benefits of the D8 DISCOVER Plus

The ATLAS™ Goniometer

  • Dedicated spatial precision offers maximum stability in beam positioning
  • Industry-leading angular precision: ±0.007° 2θ is ensured across the whole angular range established on NIST SRM 1976
  • D8 range of components, such as sample stage, positioning cameras, optics, and non-ambient and detector technologies, can be easily integrated

Non-Coplanar Detector Arm

  • Patented ATC and direct angular encoder for maximum precision
  • Third goniometer axis for analyzing ultrathin layers as well as in-plane sample characteristics
  • Highly accurate mounting track for flexible configuration of the beam path
  • Automated distance detection to calibrate the detector in real time

Versatile Sample Handling

Bruker’s D8 DISCOVER Plus can be fitted with various sample stages to match specific application needs, spanning from stress/texture and wafer mapping to regular powder diffraction and screening of crystallization well plates. All sample stages are equipped with a bayonet mount that enables both alignment-free and rapid exchange.

Compact UMCPlus 80

  • Can be used to map wafers measuring 2″–4″
  • Includes rapid spinner for XRPD
  • Features five-position sample changer for samples with a diameter of 51 mm

Compact UMCPlus 150

  • Can be used to map wafers measuring 6″–8″
  • Features electric and vacuum feedthroughs for wafer chuck and tilt stages
  • Includes a reflection-mode 96 well plate

Centric Eulerian Cradle

  • Can be used to map wafers measuring 2″–4″ wafers
  • More than 90° of side-inclination for stress and texture can be achieved

Extensive Component Compatibility

Advanced X-Ray Sources

  • IμS Microfocus source with second-generation optics produces an excellent point-beam, without the necessity for water cooling
  • High-intensity, low-maintenance sources using new technology
  • TXS-HE provides a maximum power density of 6 kW/mm2 with Snap-Lock and push-button optic options

Efficient Detection Technologies

  • EIGER2 R 500K provides more than 500k optimal sized pixels with an ultra-high dynamic range suitable for materials research applications
  • Proprietary LYNXEYE range of detectors provides excellent energy resolution producing remarkable peak-to-background, and filtering of fluorescence
  • Unparalleled system integration with complete support of the DIFFRAC.SUITE PLAN.MEASURE.ANALYZE workflow

D8 DISCOVER Plus—High-Performance X-Ray Diffraction from Bruker

Multi-purpose Solutions
Multi-purpose Solutions
Multi-purpose Solutions
Multi-purpose Solutions
D8 DISCOVER Plus for Structure Analysis
D8 DISCOVER Plus for Thin Film Analysis
D8 DISCOVER Plus for Maximum Beam Conditioning
ATLAS™ Goniometer
Guaranteed Alignment
High Efficiency Turbo X-ray Source
High Brilliance in XRD
Exponentially Compound Gains
Figure 1. D8 DISCOVER Plus in coplanar measurement geometry
Coplanar Diffraction
Figure 2. D8 DISCOVER Plus in non-coplanar measurement geometry
Non-Coplanar Diffraction
Non-Coplanar Detector Arm
Compact UMCPlus 80
Compact UMCPlus 150
Centric Eulerian Cradle
Extensive Component Compatibility
Extensive Component Compatibility
Extensive Component Compatibility
Extensive Component Compatibility

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