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Media for Blasting and Cleaning - Steel Grit

Steel grit from Composition Materials is available in four grades of hardness. This aggressive media is suitable for blasting and stripping foundry metals and steel.

Steel grit also effectively creates an etching on hard metals for improved adhesion of coatings such as enamel, paints, rubber, and epoxy.

Applications include blasting bridges, removal of flashing, metal parts, rail car reconditioning, and forging industry applications.


  • Appearance: Angular
  • Industries: Surface finishing, metal preparation, aerospace, foundries, aircraft
  • Packaging: Bags, drums
  • Grades:
    • GS: 40-51 HRC—Ideal for wheel blast applications
    • GM: 47-56 HRC—More aggressive compared to GS Grade, ideal for air and wheel blast
    • GL: 54-61 HRC—Balance of speed, durability and cleaning, air blast
    • GH: 60+ HRC—Most aggressive, ideal for stone work and to remove epoxies
  • Sizes (given as Size (screen opening in inches)):
    • G10 (.0787″)
    • G12 (.0661″)
    • G14 (.0555″)
    • G16 (.0469″)
    • G18 (.0394″)
    • G25 (.0232″)
    • G32 (.0210″)
    • G40 (.0138″)
    • G50 (.0117″)
    • G80 (.0070″)

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