Exfoliant for Cosmetic Formulations - Almond Meal

Almond Meal offered by Composition Materials is a gentle exfoliation ingredient for use in cosmetic and skin care formulations.

Composition Materials supplies biodegradable and all-natural Almond Meal from 100% California almonds. Organic Almond Meal is also available.

For more than three decades, Composition Materials has been a trusted leader in natural cosmetics ingredients. Apart from Almond Meal, the company produces and supplies Apricot Shell, Walnut Shell, Almond Shell and Tagua Natural White Exfoliant.

Almond Meal Specifications

  • Appearance: All-natural, coarse ground
  • Standard size: Finely diced
  • Applications: Skin care, cosmetics, texturizer, exfoliation, soaps, creams
  • Packaging: 50 lb drums, 250 lb drums, custom packaging
  • Cosmetic services: Sterilization, custom sizes, special packaging

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