Batch ALD Tool - Simurg® Production ALD

OkyayTech has improved ALD as a manufacturing-grade technology, by scaling up the process and incorporating it into cluster tools and automation lines.

Users can contact OkyayTech for their manufacturing requirements, for better product quality and dependability, as well as reduced operating costs and a greener footprint than earlier coating technologies.

OkyayTech’s Simurg® production ALD system is the ideal choice for production ALD requirements. Simurg® is a batch ALD tool that can hold a large number of substrates at the same time.

Simurg® can also hold non-planar substrates for applications such as jewelry, mint, and equipment parts. Its exclusive chamber design ensures precise films from batch to batch.

Custom ALD Chambers and Processes

OkyayTech’s team can assist users with their production ALD requirements for multi-wafer or non-planar parts applications. OkyayTech has the ability and know how to design and manufacture ALD tools for coating semiconductor equipment parts.

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