Making Fuel Analysis Simple with a VUV Analyzer

The analysis of finished fuels and feedstock is not an easy process, as it traditionally requires several analytical methods. The methods involve costly dyes, messy solvents, numerous valves, columns, traps, complicated hardware, and a considerable amount of analysis time.

It is essential for all of these components to function in unison to achieve useful results, and this usually necessitates prior knowledge of the samples under study, with valuable time wasted on re-examination.

  • What if users could switch between multiple analytical methods with one simple-to-run, automated analysis platform?
  • What if users could operate different applications on a single system without any changes to hardware?
  • What if users could speed up analysis time, enabling them to make crucial decisions faster?
  • What if users could enhance instrument uptime and minimize expensive consumable costs?

The solution to all the questions above is the VUV Analyzer for Fuels, the newest in fuels analysis innovation.

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels brings together the power of gas chromatography–vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy (GC-VUV), the ease of use of VUV Analyze Software, and a collection of fuel-specific applications. This combination offers a user-friendly solution that automatically analyzes fuels within a fraction of the time taken earlier.

Market-Leading Solutions to Deliver Excellent Fuels Analysis Results

Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy—Universal and Unambiguous

VUV spectroscopy, characterized by very short wavelengths of light, is a versatile, mass-sensitive detection method that offers both qualitative and quantitative data. Nearly all gas-phase molecules exhibit strong absorption in the vacuum ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum. Hence compound-specific spectra offer superior selectivity and unequivocal identification. Since VUV spectra display class similarities, fuel analysis is simplified to a large extent by the VUV Analyzer for Fuels.

VUV Analyze Software—Robust Analytics with “Push-Button” Ease, Guaranteeing Quick and Accurate Results

The VUV Analyze Software has robust post-acquisition processing features, making it simple to generate meaningful results with the click of a button. This novel software platform rapidly analyzes complicated chromatographic and spectral data to generate method-specific results and reports. The automation enabled by the VUV Analyze Software streamlines and speeds up analysis time while decreasing errors. This means users can be more confident about the results.

Fast and Precise Analysis—Automatically Deconvolve Co-Eluting Compounds

Compounds tend to co-elute even with proper chromatographic separation. This is specifically true for complicated samples. The VUV Analyzer for Fuels offers a robust and automated solution: Time Interval Deconvolution (TID).

TID involves slicing a chromatogram into regularly spaced time intervals, each with an exclusive summed absorbance spectrum. Then, each slice is automatically analyzed to identify the contribution of each compound to the measured spectra. This means complicated chromatograms can be deconvolved and analyzed easily and reliably, without the use of a fixed peak table.

Multi-Method Platform Architecture—Maximize the Value of Investment by Working Several Techniques on a Single Analyzer

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels is a platform created with ease of use, value, and flexibility in mind. Working multiple techniques on one VUV Analyzer for Fuels allows users to quickly change between various analyses using the same detector, GC, and software. This streamlines operation for the users and speeds up investigation time across techniques, including screening of jet fuel (ASTM D8267), gasoline (ASTM D8071), diene value, bromine number, and non-traditional gasoline additives (NTGA).

Application-Specific Spectral Libraries—Unique and Complete Spectral Libraries for Clear Identification

A detailed spectral library specific to the method being used is incorporated into each application created to work on the VUV Analyzer for Fuels. The high-resolution spectra included in these libraries offer clear-cut identification and minimize the need for baseline-resolved chromatography, thus guaranteeing accurate results for each run.

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels offers more flexibility by facilitating an easy extension of these libraries or creation of new ones with user-defined spectra.

The Ideal Platform Across the Enterprise—Scalable and Secure, from R&D to Production

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels is adequately flexible to function in R&D environments where full control over all software operations is crucial, particularly for method development or review. In addition, it is secure enough to regulate the functionality available to users in production roles.

For instance, it is possible for R&D users to develop techniques and then transfer the developed techniques to production users who can load, work, and produce results. This means that the same library and response parameters are used for the analysis, making it free from operator or retention needs. The result is a completely all-inclusive and easy-to-use solution that will boost productivity across the enterprise.

VUV Analytics Support and Application Services—Increase Productivity and Control Costs

The VUV Analyzer for Fuels will improve the productivity of users’ fuel analysis. However, its longstanding success relies on how well users maintain the system. VUV Analytics offers the services and programs that users would need to maintain the expected performance level from the VUV Analyzer for Fuels.

VUV Analytics offers a range of solutions for training, service and support, and applications assistance. The mission of the company’s highly skilled and qualified VUV professionals is to offer users with the level of expertise and responsiveness they need to achieve success.

Making Fuel Analysis Simple with a VUV Analyzer

Vacuum Ultraviolet Spectroscopy
VUV Analyze Software
Fast and Precise Analysis
Multi-Method Platform Architecture
Application-Specific Spectral Libraries
The Ideal Platform Across the Enterprise
VUV Analytics Support and Application Services

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