The World’s First VUV Spectroscopy Detector

All gas phase molecules are strongly absorbed in the vacuum UV region (120–240 nm). However, to date, the use of VUV absorption technology for regular analytical detection and measurement has not been dealt with.

The VGA-100 from VUV Analytics is the first benchtop VUV spectrometer in the world. It is a versatile mass-sensitive gas chromatography detector that offers both quantitative and qualitative data. Since the gas phase molecules are strongly absorbed in the VUV spectrum, superior sensitivity is achieved, while compound-specific absorption spectra offer unmatched selectivity.

VUV Analytics has widened the scope to use absorption spectroscopy in the dominant vacuum UV region in which the majority of gas phase molecules absorb powerfully and distinctly. This high-energy, low-wavelength energy creates electronic transitions in almost all chemical bonds comprising ground state to excited state σ→σ* and π→π*.

For the first time, the award-winning VGA-100 detector has made VUV spectroscopy available to the general scientific community.

  • Easy deconvolution of co-eluting analytes
  • Unparalleled compound selectivity including isomers
  • Strong system performance with lesser maintenance requirements
  • First-principal detection that avoids the need for constant calibration
  • Picogram compound sensitivity is consistently low

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