Innovative, Universal Vacuum Ultraviolet Detection

VUV Analytics’ VGA-101 detector is the most recent advancement in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) detection. The detector has a higher allowable maximum operating temperature and an expanded wavelength spectrum. It is based on the novelties introduced by VGA-100, the world’s first benchtop VUV spectrometer.

The VGA-100 is a universal mass-sensitive gas chromatography (GC) detector that offers quantitative and qualitative data with exceptional selectivity and sensitivity. The VGA-101 has been engineered as a next-generation detector that deals with advanced application needs.

VGA-101’s extended wavelength spectrum of 120–430 nm offers exclusive selectivity for complicated structures like polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). The potential to run the VUV detector at temperatures as high as 430 °C enables compounds with a high boiling point to be analyzed.

Universal Detection

  • Virtually everything has an exclusive absorption fingerprint in the VUV spectrum

Unique Selectivity Allows Clear-Cut Compound Identification

  • Unambiguous and easy isomer differentiation
  • Easily deconvolve co-eluting analytes
  • Baseline chromatographic resolution not necessary

Data is both Highly Qualitative and Quantitative

  • Spectral data offers exclusive fingerprint for all measured compounds
  • Mass-sensitive measurement of each component within complicated mixtures

Measurement Parameter Flexibility for Modern GC Analysis

  • Operating temperature heating up to 430 °C for the analysis of compounds with a high boiling point
  • Data collection from 120 to 430 nm

Non-Destructive Examination

  • Since Ionization is not needed, intact molecules can be analyzed

Superior Measurement of Sensitivity

  • Spectral filters boost analyte sensitivity in targeted wavelength regions
  • Picogram limits of detection are consistently low

Reliable and User-Friendly

  • Routine maintenance is not necessary, and vacuum pumps are not needed
  • Calibration is not necessary—1st principle detection offers a predictable linear response

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