Collect Sample Dynamics with In Situ TEM Biasing and Heating

The Lightning In Situ TEM Biasing & Heating Series from DENSsolutions offers customers the power to acquire real-time data about specimen dynamics activated by electric fields and/or temperature. Users can analyze the next-generation of nano-electronic materials and devices using the Lightning Series.

Lightning Application Fields

  • ReRam
  • Solar cells
  • Piezoelectronics

Sample Preparation with Conventional Techniques

The sample preparation methods used for preparing conventional TEM samples such as nanowires, lamellas, and particles are ideal for the Nano-Chip. FIB lamellas are the most frequently used samples for biasing experiments. DENSsolutions has collaborated with a few academic partners to create a distinctive FIB workflow using a tailored FIB stub exclusively designed for the Nano-Chip.

This process considerably decreases the total workflow time and delivers a better success rate. Additional techniques like micro-manipulators are ideal for sample preparation onto the Nano-Chip.


  • JEOL
  • FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific

Collect Sample Dynamics with In Situ TEM Biasing and Heating

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