Providing Catalyst Research at Atomic Resolution

Thorough understanding of the nano-world is crucial to offer solutions to a several global challenges. The Climate product series from DENSsolutions allows the nano-world to be analyzed in real-world gas and heating settings.

These analyses can now be achieved inside the user’s high-resolution TEM, demonstrating the dynamics of the gas-solid interactions in vivid images at the nanoscale using DENSsolutions’ Nano-Reactor.

Furthermore, crystallography (SAED), analytical research (EELS, EDS, Mass Spectrometry), and calorimetry can be used to analyze the reactions within the in situ TEM holder.

Typical Application Fields

  • Catalysis
  • Green Energy Materials
  • Corrosion
  • Nanomaterial Growth

Observe and Control Chemical Reactions at the Nanoscale

DENSsolutions’ Climate In Situ TEM Gas & Heating System allows atomic resolution imaging of sample dynamics and gas-solid interactions in research fields like nanomaterials growth, catalysis, and corrosion studies.

The Nano-Reactor is the “lab-on-chip” MEMS-based technology that allows 1 bar pressure and elevated temperature setting necessary for in situ TEM. The Climate system changes high-vacuum (S)TEMs from a static imaging tool into a dynamic in situ chemical lab, thus allowing materials to be observed and analyzed in real time.


An aspect of the Climate system, the Nano-Reactor is a MEMS-based device and a sample carrier. It provides the gas-heating environment within the TEM. Once loaded into the Climate Sample Holder, the Nano-Reactor permits a selected quantity of gas to flow through the inert Nano-Reactor chamber. This sample chamber is controlled by a temperature sensor and integrated micro-heater.

Gas Supply System

The Climate Gas Supply Systems include all important control functions into a simple platform. They are optimized for the Nano-Reactor and manage gas parameters at the sample; enabling atomic-scale analysis and imaging of catalyst particles.

Gas Analyzer

Designed to work perfectly with the Climate in situ Gas & Heating solution, the Gas Analyzer enables analysis of the reaction products. It helps to make the Climate system the only platform that can combine data on reaction kinetics with TEM-based information.


  • JEOL
  • FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific

Providing Catalyst Research at Atomic Resolution

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