Innovative In Situ TEM Liquid + Biasing or Heating

Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy (LPEM) has gained more and more attention as it offers new knowledge about vital processes of different research topics within chemistry, material science, and biology. The Stream In Situ Liquid Solution provides researchers with the capability to visualize and capture dynamics in liquid for a wide range of samples, from biological to the most advanced Nanomaterials.

DENSsolutions has come up with the Stream In Situ Liquid Solution, which is a novel technology. This technology drastically transforms the way experiments in liquid are performed, and offers for the first time:

  • Controlled membrane bulging
  • Accurate flow and pressure control
  • Increased experimental flexibility

Typical Application Fields

  • Corrosion
  • Energy conversion
  • Molecular biology
  • Cell biology
  • Energy storage
  • Nanomaterials

The core of the Stream system is our patented Nano-Cell, which relies on a dual-cell chip technology. The bottom chip contains an inlet and outlet, surrounded by spacers which define the microfluidic channel. This channel directs the liquid flow over the electron transparent viewing window. Liquid enters the chip from the inlet, passes over the central area where the sample is located and exits via the outlet.

The system allows you to independently pressurize inlet and outlet, giving you full control on the absolute pressure within the microfluidic channel. As a result, you can control liquid motion (static or continuous), flow rate and liquid thickness (i.e. you can control the level of bulging). Furthermore, you can deliberately introduce and flush out gas bubbles for additional control.  


  • JEOL
  • FEI/Thermo Fisher Scientific

Innovative In Situ TEM Liquid + Biasing or Heating

Potentiostat (For Biasing)
Stream Nano-Cell
Stream Pressure-Based Liquid Pump
Stream Sample Holder Tip
Stream Sample Holder
Stream System Components

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