The Most Flexible Liquid Cell on the Market

Protochips’ Poseidon Select is the first commercially available in situ liquid TEM sample support system. It can be configured and upgraded as users’ research requirements vary and evolve.

The system features liquid heating, electrochemistry, liquid flow, and a wide range of MEMS sample supports.

The Poseidon Select allows users to visualize many nanoscale processes, like corrosion behavior, nanomaterial growth, the shape, size, and dispersion of nanoparticles, as well as image biological processes and materials.

Prepare Efficiently

The Poseidon Select allows users to simply and safely prepare the liquid cell, and increase the TEM data collection time, rather than waste it on hardware assembly

  • With just five steps, it can be easily learned and taught as well
  • Self-aligning tip assembly allows rapid holder loading
  • One single-sealing gasket reduces surface area where leaks could develop

flexible liquid microscopy cell

Acquire Element Maps Quickly

Users can learn how their sample evolves under various liquid conditions. The Poseidon Select has the largest line of sight for maximum EDS X-ray counts to detect elements during in situ experiments.

  • Patented “butterfly” tip design allows high line of sight to EDS detectors
  • EDS enhanced E-chips available for the highest line of sight, even at 0° tilt
  • EDS maps can be obtained in small TEM pole piece gaps, like the JEOL UHR

efficient element maps

Eliminate Contamination

The replaceable tubing within the Poseidon Select holder removes cross-contamination and alleviates clogging. It includes a special catheter, or tube-in-a-tube design for highest safety and fast exchange of tubing.

  • Tubes can be exchanged in seconds
  • Tube-in-a-tube design; holder disassembly is not needed
  • Permanent stainless-steel tubing is leak-proof

liquid cell tube

Quantitative Electrochemistry Data

The Poseidon Select Electrochemistry system is engineered to resolve the small currents while preserving imaging and analytical data collection.

  • E-chips with applicable electrode materials, for example, glassy carbon
  • Low-noise electronics for pA sensitivity
  • Floating ground facilitates enhanced signals, even during electron beam illumination

Direct observation of dynamic Li dendrite grain growth during the electrodeposition/stripping process in a Li-ion battery. Medhi, et al, Scientific Reports, 6, 2016.

Accurate and Uniform Liquid Heating

The Poseidon Select can heat liquids up to 100 °C uniformly.

  • Heating power to ensure uniform heating of liquids
  • Closed-loop control guarantees accurate temperatures, irrespective of the liquid type and flow rate
  • Temperature variations in liquids can be sensed using the chip as a thermometer

accurate liquid heating

The Most Flexible Liquid Cell on the Market

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Current-Voltage (CV) curves of Pt nanoparticles in perchloric acid. There is no change in the CV curve with the beam on, indicating good electrical isolation from the TEM.

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