Capillary Flow Porometer - POROLUX™

Particulate Systems’ POROLUX™ porometers exhibit high quality and technical command in the field of capillary flow porometry. All the devices are built under GMP, and are available as a comprehensive solution with all the hardware and software essential for immediate testing.

Accuracy of the Flow and Pressure Sensors

The POROLUX™ porometers offer the highest accuracy in flow and pressure than all other instruments currently available in the market: 0.05% F.S.

Automatic Switchover Between Flow Sensors and Pressure Sensors

The POROLUX™ line of porometers is equipped with multiple flow and pressure sensors to ensure optimized performance over the entire operating range. During a measurement, the switchover between flow and pressure sensors automatically occurs based on the values realized, so as to use the most ideal sensor to maximize the resolution and accuracy at the low and high ends of the pressure range.

Resolution Pressure and Flow Sensors: 24 BIT

The resolution of an instrument is its potential to distinguish between differences: a low-resolution system does not have the ability to distinguish small differences between two signals; by contrast, a high-resolution system can resolve even small differences.

A number of competitive systems have a 16-BIT resolution. A 24-BIT system offers a magnitude of higher resolution compared to a standard 16-BIT system to calculate the pore size accurately.

Instrument Model Application
Porolux 1000 Series Research Grade, Step Stability instrument, highest accuracy, reproducibility and resolution
Porolux 500 Method Development, High Throughput, Combination of quick measurements with high accuracy scanning mode
Porolux 100 QC standard instrument, robust, reliable and repeatable results
Porolux 100 NW Special version of Porolux 100 for non-woven media
Porolux 100 FM Porolux 100 for filter paper media testing

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