Easy Vacuum Chamber Bakeout with VB Series

RBD’s VB Series Vacuum Bakeout packages are equipped with the IRB-600 IR heat emitter, the BC-3 Bakeout Controller, and cables. The VB-1 works on 120 VAC, while the VB-2 works on 230 VAC.

The BC-3 vacuum chamber controller is engineered to regulate both shortwave IR heating emitters and heating tape, and offers precise control of temperature, heating power, and bakeout time. The thermocouple sensor that is positioned on the vacuum chamber offers temperature feedback to the controller. The vacuum interlock feature is suitable for avoiding elevated levels of water vapor loading on ion-pumped chambers.

When used in combination with the IRB-600 shortwave infrared heating emitters, the BC-3 vacuum chamber controller offers high-energy power to desorb water vapor in vacuum chambers, without having to remove cables and readjust optics, which is usually required for blanket radiant bakeouts.

If users are employing a Variac transformer to regulate the AC voltage to current heat tapes, the BC-3 vacuum chamber bakeout controller is a safe substitute with more layers of control.

The IRB-600 shortwave IR emitter assembly offers 600 W of heating power to the inner side of the vacuum chamber. The flange-to-center of the emitter length of the RB-600 assembly can be tailored so that the emitter is at the center of the chamber, guaranteeing highly uniform heating. The IRB-600 comes in both 2.75″/70 mm CF and 40 KF flange styles. The BC-3 vacuum chamber bakeout controller can operate two IRB-600 emitters for an overall power output of up to 1200 W.

The BC-3 Bakeout Controller and the IRB-600 IR Emitter can be purchased individually.

Key Features

  • Scalable
  • Modifiable power regulation
  • Makes the bakeout process simple
  • High-power infrared heating efficiently eliminates water vapor from vacuum chambers
  • Vacuum interlock
  • Temperature feedback


For surface analysis instruments such as Auger and X-ray photoelectron spectrometers, RBD’s VB packages offer a stress-free way to bake out the system without having to remove all the cables to the optics, or use the bakeout blanket to cover the chamber. This means that users can avoid the need to realign the focal point of the analyzer and the microscope, thereby saving a considerable amount of time.

For multi-purpose vacuum chambers, the VB series Vacuum Bakeout packages offer effective infrared heating of the inner side of chamber walls, thus enabling desorption of water vapor and enhancing the working vacuum of the chamber.

VB Series Vacuum

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