Remove Water Vapor from Vacuum Chambers Quickly and Easily

The IRB-600 Infrared Emitter Assembly from RBD Instruments offers 600 W of shortwave infrared heating to the inner side of vacuum chambers, to efficiently eliminate water vapor from the walls of the chambers.

The IRB-600 is temperature-controlled and vacuum-interlocked when used in combination with the BC-3 Bakeout Controller. If ion pumps are used in a user’s vacuum chamber, the pumps tend to become choked with water vapor. The Vacuum Interlock feature avoids such ion pump choking by switching off the heaters when the vacuum set point, usually 4 x 10E−6 Torr, is reached.

Key Features

  • 600 W of heating power in a small form factor
  • Hot Surface Safety signs incorporated with each emitter
  • Flange-to-center of emitter length can be tailored so that the emitter can be fitted into the center of the vacuum chamber
  • Can be regulated using the BC-3 Bakeout Controller or a Variac
  • 2.75″/70 mm CF or 40 KF flange mounting options

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