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Data Acquisition and Analysis Software for older Physical Electronis X-ray Photoelectron Systems

RBD offers system upgrade applications detailed below for different PHI AES, SIMS, and XPS systems.

AugerScan — Data Acquisition/Analysis Software

RBD’s AugerScan software offers Windows 10 PC control and analysis for a number of older PHI AES, SIMS, and XPS systems. It also adds several features more than that offered by the original system software. AugerScan has been used by PHI 5000 series XPS system and AES system users at universities and major labs across the globe.


Image Credit: RBD Instruments

AugerMap — System Control/Imaging Software

The AugerMap software from RBD offers PC control and imaging for several older PHI scanning AES systems. It also adds several features apart from that offered by the original system software. AugerMap is also used by major labs and universities around the world.


Image Credit: RBD Instruments

CasaXPS Data Analysis Software

CasaXPS now offers advanced data processing for XPS spectra, as well as for SIMS and Auger data. Data can be easily transferred from RBD’s AugerScan to CasaXPS, as simple as copying and pasting.

Moreover, CasaXPS has the capability to import data from a range of other formats. Therefore, it is perfect for laboratories that handle a number of surface analysis instruments from various manufacturers. The use of a single program for data analysis will enhance the workflow, and minimize the training time for users.


CasaXPS is provided with several sophisticated options for the analysis of data, such as:

  • XPS image processing
  • Principle component analysis
  • SIMS features and dynamic SIMS quantification
  • Auger analysis, including LLS option
  • Customizable data viewing and printing
  • Batch processing

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