Thin Film Composition Analysis with microCMA Compact Auger Analyzer

Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) is a surface sensitive technique that detects and quantifies elements on the first two atomic layers of a sample. The microCMA compact auger analyzer package available from RBD Instruments provides the power of AES in a small form factor that is simple to operate.

The microCMA package includes the 2.75″/70 mm CF flange mounted CMA, the USB Windows 10 controller, the preamplifier and CMapp data acquisitions and data massage software.

The microCMA is Plug and Play Auger Spectroscopy made simple.


The microCMA is an advanced non-scanning (imaging) cylindrical mirror analyzer, specifically developed for various AES applications that do not need scanning (imaging) capability.

Such applications include analysis of:

  • The thermal oxides of metal components
  • The thicknesses of passive oxides in metals and semiconductors
  • The composition of thin films
  • The quantization of light element surface films
  • The auger depth profiles of deposited layers
  • The characterization of sputtered layers
  • The contamination of integrated circuits


  • Established design — The second-order focusing of the cylindrical mirror analyzer offers excellent resolution and transmission.
  • Compact — Can be fitted on a 2.75″/70 mm CF flange (minimum 1.52″/38.6 mm I.D. tube). An AES system can now be built using only a T and a compact ion pump.
  • Powerful — The auger electron spectroscopy (AES) is a robust surface-sensitive method that offers users with quantitative data on the first few monolayers of their sample.
  • Easy to operate — With an open architecture and USB interface, the control and data message software interface is as simple to use as an RGA — users can simply point and click.

microCMA Compact Auger Analyzer

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