Low-Cost Sputter Ion Source Package for Vacuum Science

RBD Instruments’ IG2 sputter ion gun package is the ideal solution for economical ion beam etching and sputter cleaning of specimens, for surface analysis, cleaning STM tips, nanotechnology and general vacuum science applications.

This user-friendly and reliable sputtering package includes the ion gun and controller, cable and a one-year warranty. The IG2 works with inert gases such as Argon and Xenon, but also with gases such as O2 and Hydrogen.

The IG2 package is perfect for universities, government research labs, and any company that needs low cost general-purpose sputter cleaning of UHV samples.

Theory of Operation

The 04-165 Backfill Ion Source produces an energetic inert gas ion beam for sputter-etching of solid surfaces. When an inert gas like argon is used, the source needs a static pressure of 5 x 10−5 torr. Ions are produced by electron impact within the twin-filament ionization chamber of the ion source. These ions are then directed at the target at energies of up to 2 kV.

The contaminants in the ion beam are reduced by adopting an off-axis filament geometry. A focusing lens allows high ion current density to be realized for a specific operating pressure and source-to-sample distance.

A dual tungsten filament assembly enables nonstop operation when the first filament opens. The projected lifetime of the filament assembly is several years, under regular usage, at the suggested operating conditions. The filament assembly can be easily replaced in the field.

The Model 32-165 2 kV Ion Source Control offers all the essential voltages and currents necessary to run the 04-165 2 kV Backfill Ion Source. The beam voltage may be triggered remotely, manually, or with the integrated timer. Moreover, the anode (ion) and filament currents, together with the beam and focus voltages, can be externally tracked to guarantee the correct reproduction of sputtering settings.

The 04-165 Backfill Ion Source

Image Credit: RBD Instruments

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