Raman Analyzer for Opaque Barriers - STRam®

The STRam® from B&W Tek is an award-winning portable Raman analyzer that combines a high-throughput spectrometer, dedicated sampling optics, and innovative algorithms in a portable Raman system. The Raman system provides quick material identification capabilities through a range of barrier layers and packaging, earlier impenetrable with Raman.

The STRam® analyzer uses B&W Tek’s patent-pending technology, thus collecting Raman signal produced underneath diffusive top layers to recognize material which is inside even visually opaque barriers like paper envelopes, white plastic bottles, tablet coatings, etc. This eliminates the need to open containers and touch the material, thus preserving package and sample integrity.

The design of the system features a large sampling area and sampling depth, as well as reduced power density, thereby enabling sample measurements that can be difficult to achieve using traditional focused Raman spectroscopy.


  • Pharmaceutical raw material identification
  • Through-package material inspection
  • Narcotics detection
  • Customs and logistics package inspection
  • Art and archaeological study
  • Forensic analysis
  • Material science research
  • Bioscience and medical analysis
  • Geological and mineralogical research

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