Q150V Plus: Coatings for High Vacuum Applications

The Q150V Plus from Quorum Technologies has been optimally designed for high-vacuum applications, with an ultimate vacuum measuring 1 x 10−6 mbar. When used in combination with a wide-range Penning/Pirani gauge, the Q150V Plus allows the sputtering of oxidizing metals with ultra-fine grain sizes, which are ideal for high-resolution imaging.

The lower background pressure eliminates nitrogen, oxygen, and water vapor from the chamber, preventing chemical reactions that could cause defects or impurities in the coatings when the sputter process is in progress. Likewise, lower scattering enables developing high-purity, amorphous carbon films with high density.



Image Credit: Quorum Technologies.


Image Credit: Quorum Technologies.

The Q150V Plus provides all the advantages of the Q150T Plus, but with finer grain size and a thinner coating, for ultra-high-resolution applications (more than 200,000 times magnification).


Quorum Q150V Plus


Video Credit: Quorum Technologies.

Key Features

  • Ultimate vacuum of 1 x 10−6 mbar
  • New multi-colour LED visual status indicator
  • New touch and swipe capacitive screen
  • 16 GB flash memory can store over 1000 recipes
  • Multiple-user profiles can be configured on a single machine
  • New software sorts recipes per user based on recent use


The Q150V Plus is Available in Three Configurations

Q150V S Plus   an automatic sputter coater for oxidising metals with ultra-fine grain size. Available sputtering targets include chromium, iridium and all noble metals

Q150V E Plus – an automatic carbon coater (rod/cord) for TEM applications. For carbon coating TEM grids. 

Q150V ES Plus – a combined system capable of both sputtering and carbon coating. The deposition head inserts can be swapped in seconds. Metal evaporation/aperture cleaning option available. 

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