Q150T Plus: Turbomolecular Pumped Coater for Oxidizing Metals

The Q150T Plus from Quorum Technologies has been optimally developed for use with a turbomolecular pump, which offers a lower vacuum down to 5 x 10−5 mbar. This allows the sputtering of oxidizing metals, which have a lower grain size ideal for high-resolution imaging. Likewise, lower scattering enables the development of high-purity, amorphous carbon films with a high density.

Key Features

  • Multiple-user profiles can be configured on a single machine
  • New touch and swipe capacitive screen
  • New multi-color LED visual status indicator
  • USB port for upgrading and downloading process log files
  • 16 GB memory can store over 1000 recipes
  • Can achieve vacuum of 5 x 10−5 mbar
  • New software sorts recipes per user based on recent use

The Q150T Plus is Available in Three Configurations

  • Q150T S Plus—an automatic sputter coater designed to handle non-oxidizing metals. Sputtering targets available are ITO, Cr, W, Ir, Al, as well as other targets.
  • Q150T E Plus—an automatic carbon cord coater designed to handle SEM applications such as WDS and EDS. Metal evaporation/aperture cleaning option is also available.
  • Q150T ES Plus—an integrated system that can carry out both carbon coating and sputtering. The deposition heads can be changed in a matter of seconds. Metal evaporation/aperture cleaning option is also available.

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