Q300T D Plus for Multi-Layer Sequential Sputtering of Materials

The Q300T D Plus from Quorum Technologies has two independent sputtering heads, which enable sequential sputtering of two metals without breaking the vacuum. Hence, Q300T D Plus is ideally suited for multi-layer sequential sputtering of two materials.

The system is completely automated with user-defined recipes that regulate the pumping sequence, number of sputter cycles, time, and the current used for the process. The Q300T D Plus can be used to sequentially sputter infinite layers of different thickness from two target materials, by cycling between both the targets.

When the system is idle, the targets are shuttered to guard them against contamination.

Key Features

  • New touch and swipe capacitive screen
  • Can achieve vacuum of 5 x 10−5 mbar
  • Multiple-user profiles can be configured on a single machine
  • USB port for upgrades and download of process log files
  • New software sorts recipes per user, based on recent use
  • New multi-color LED visual status indicator
  • 16 GB memory can store over 1000 recipes
  • Three sputter heads for large area deposition of different materials
  • Single head selection for small samples
  • Interchangeable stage options

Non-oxidizing (noble) metals such as platinum (Pt) and gold (Au) can be used to coat substrates. Iridium (Ir) can also be used to achieve coatings with a fine grain structure. With the superior-quality vacuum system, the Q300T D Plus can also be used to oxidize metal targets such as aluminum (Al) and chromium (Cr) to manufacture fine films and coatings. The Q300T D Plus is available as a standard model with a chromium (Cr) target and gold (Au) target.

Recommended Applications for the Q300T D Plus

  • Adhesion studies
  • Suitable for multi-layer coating

These products are intended for Research Use Only.

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