GloQube® Plus: Vapor Glow Discharge for TEM

The GloQube® Plus from Quorum Technologies is a compact, low-cost, user-friendly glow discharge system, engineered to meet the requirements of laboratories with TEM.

The main application of the GloQube® Plus is to alter the surface of TEM grids in a way that it matches the requirements for effective imaging of a range of macromolecules. Combined into a single system, the two chambers allow the user, maximum flexibility to select their preferred type of sample preparation method: glow discharge in-chemical vapor or in-air, without the risk of loss and contamination of samples, or downtime for cleaning.

The in-chemical vapor glow discharge does not merely help with retaining molecules on the TEM grids, but it also enables users to regulate the conformation and orientation of molecules. With automatic vapor control, the system guarantees precise concentrations of chemical vapor in the plasma, yielding consistent and reproducible results.

Two chambers built into one easy-to-use package offer a smaller footprint for the workflow space, and cross-contamination between the chambers is prevented.


  • Automatic vapor delivery guarantees consistent and reproducible results
  • A second chamber for dividing in-vapor and in-air processes
  • Short in-air cycle time
  • No cross-contamination between chambers because of post-process flush cycle
  • Purge cycles decrease the concentrations of water vapor and oxygen, ensuring the superior yield of specifically orientated macromolecules
  • Modifiable slow vent time to reduce disturbances caused to samples
  • Three-level modifiable height sample stage guarantees repeatable results
  • Safe handling of reagent
  • Optional fast vent for quick process times

Recommended Applications

  • Enhanced adhesion and orientation of nucleic acids, proteins, and antibodies
  • Hydrophilization and cleaning of TEM grids carbon support films* for improved sample spreading
  • Preparation of TEM grids for nanoparticle studies

* Usually: Formvar®, Lacey Carbon, Holey Carbon, Continuous Carbon, Quantifoil®

GloQube Plus

Video Credit: Quorum Technologies.

Key Features

  • Flush and purge cycles of gas line and vapor chamber
  • Automatic control of air ad vapor introduction
  • Fully automatic
  • Two chambers for separate in-vapor and in-air processes without contamination*
  • Password-protected user profiles as well as programmable user recipes
  • Loaded with usual standard recipes
  • Single door for convenient loading of samples
  • Positive and negative discharge modes
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Modifiable three height sample stage
  • Automatic valving between chambers to avoid cross-contamination
  • Safe vapor delivery using septum-sealed vials
  • Extended warranty option
  • Fast and/or soft venting options

*Only one chamber can be utilized at a time

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