High-Resolution Ultra-Sensitive VOC Analyzer: PTR-TOF 4000

IONICON’s PTR-TOF 4000 ultra-sensitive volatile organic compounds (VOC) analyzer is the lightest and most compact high-resolution PTR-TOFMS designed by the company.


  • Sensitivity of more than 8000 cps/ppbv
  • Detection limit of <1 pptv
  • Mass resolution greater than 4500

The PTR-TOF 4000 is IONICON’s smallest, high-resolution, and ultra-sensitive PTR-TOF real-time trace VOC analyzer.

It is the first high-resolution PTR-TOFMS that has been designed within the same small and lightweight framework known from the successful PTR-TOF 1000 series available from IONICON.

The PTR-TOF 4000 also includes the hexapole ION-GUIDE for improved resolution and sensitivity; it is also equipped with the exclusive PTR technology with TRU-E/N™ from IONICON. All these features ensure well-reproducible measurement results, precise E/N conditions, and the ultimate level of accuracy for quantification.

Users can now supplement the package with the all-new X2 performance option, which includes an additional ION-BOOSTER funnel for the highest possible sensitivity of up to 10,000 cps/ppbv.

Users who seek a much better resolution can use the PTR-TOF 6000 X2 analyzer, IONICON’s new premium product.

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