3D Particle Size and Shape Analyzer—PartAn3D

The PartAn3D particle size and shape analyzer from Microtrac MRB has the capability to measure 40 morphological parameters of sample material. These parameters include shape, size, density, surface roughness, transparency, and obviously 3D in one quick analysis.

The PartAn3D analyzer can measure particle sizes from 22 μm to 35 mm.

  • Microtrac MRB’s high-speed, high-resolution camera enables analyzing over 100 frames per second
  • Ability to characterize 40 morphological parameters of sample material, including 3D
  • Sturdy design with a small footprint
  • Dry, free-flowing particles in the size range of 22–35,000 µm can be measured
  • Self-cleaning mechanism minimizes the need for user intervention and enhances optimum measurement capability


The PartAn3D analyzer is able to measure 40 parameters such as 15 types of size, transparency, 13 types of shape/form, density, 3 types of surface roughness, and 3D in a single analysis. Its excellent analysis ability enables the user to make fast, confident decisions with respect to product quality.

  • The PartAn3D handles rough environments but is also compatible with any laboratory setting.
  • The high-speed, high-resolution camera takes multiple, vivid pictures of the sample material, thus ensuring accurate analysis.
  • Market-leading size range offers improved flexibility of analysis to quantify different types of materials.
  • The self-cleaning mechanism reduces the user's workload, thus increasing productive time.

Application Examples

Applications include abrasives, extrudates, aggregates, geology/mining, building materials, glass beads, fertilizers, medicine/pharmaceuticals, foods/feeds, and many more.

Unique 3D Technology

  • The only particle size analyzer to use 3D particle measurement to track particles
  • The only instrument to offer shape ratios of width/thickness, thickness/width, thickness/length, and length/thickness
  • The 3D tracking technology can automatically find the maximum, minimum, and average shape and size values of a single particle.
  • Same 3D imaging technology and software are used for PartAn3D and PartAn3D Maxi.
  • Because all tracked particles are stored in a library, recalculation can be performed to obtain any shape and size distribution.
  • Length, width, and thickness of all three major particle axes can be measured.
  • The SOP’s filter function enables tailored calculation and presentation of results.


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