Particle Size Analyzer that Uses Three Red Laser Diodes—S3500

The S3500 particle size analyzer available from Microtrac MRB is the first one to use three accurately positioned red laser diodes for precise characterization of particles never achieved previously.

S3500’s patented Tri-Laser System offers reliable, accurate, and repeatable analysis of particle size for a wide array of applications by making use of the established theory of Mie compensation for spherical particles as well as the proprietary concept of Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles. The S3500 analyzer can measure particle size in the range of 0.02–2800 μm.


  • Tri-laser, red, multi-angle, multi-detector optical system
  • Measurement capability of 0.02–2800 μm
  • Algorithms that make use of Mie compensation and Modified Mie calculations for non-spherical particles
  • Enclosed optical path for total protection of optical components, ensuring little to no user intervention
  • Dry and wet measurements


  • The use of three red lasers expands the measurement range, thus offering users the flexibility to perform analysis on a broad array of samples.
  • Fixed detectors ensure correct positioning and offer high durability.
  • With the Proprietary Modified Mie calculations, users can accurately measure complex particles that cannot be accurately characterized by other particle analyzers.
  • A compact bench footprint minimizes the need for valuable laboratory space.
  • Smooth transition from wet to dry measurement minimizes instrument downtime.

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