Performing Mechanical Tests with the Relative Humidity Module (RHM)

The Relative Humidity Module (RHM) available from Alemnis is an environmental sample chamber that enables mechanical tests to be carried out under controlled temperature or humidity, or in liquid (fully immersed sample).

In the standard configuration, the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA) is vertically mounted, where the indenter lies above the sample. However, based on installed options, other configurations are also feasible.

The RHM allows relative humidity (RH) to be controlled in the range of 5%–90%, with 1.5% accuracy. The temperature range varies from room temperature to 70 °C, with 1°C accuracy.

The environmental sample chamber consists of:

  • Environmental chamber including all mounts
  • Controller for closed-loop control of temperature and relative humidity
  • All connectors, cables, and pipes

The Liquid Cell (LIC) can be used for fully immersed testing without controlling temperature and RH.

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