Alemnis Enhanced Controller (ECO) with Real-Time Controller and FPGA Technology

Alemnis has introduced a real-time controller embedded with FPGA technology to achieve a high-performance control loop (with a frequency of up to 5 kHz for the indenter with or without the VHSRM, and up to 100 kHz with optional UHSRM). When coupled with the Alemnis Standard Assembly (ASA), the ECO provides the most powerful control unit for small-scale mechanical testing with up to 1M sample / s acquisition rate.

  • Laptop PC (4GB RAM, dual-core i3, Windows 10 or latest version of windows operating system)
  • Micro-positioning system driver installed
  • Indentation head is driven by a piezo-amplifier of −30 V to +150 V
  • Multifunction I / O boards with a very high performance of up to 1M samples / second for load measurement with the VHSRM and the UHSRM

The enhanced controller includes an optional I / O for UHSR, HTM, and Auxiliary (2 inputs for strain gauges, 4 +/− 10 VDC inputs, and 2 +/− 10 VDC outputs).

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