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PZ Series Triple Screw Pump for Fuel and Lubricants

North Ridge Pumps has introduced the PZ series of triple screw pump that can be used in various applications that involve lubricating oils and fuel oils that do not contain any solids and have a viscosity range from 1.2 to 5000 cp.

Within the PZ series, the largest pumps can achieve medium pressures of up to 16 bar and high flow rates of up to 324 m3/hour. This is the most advanced design of the triple screw pumps within North Ridge Pumps’ product range and has a number of benefits that were built up from decades of product research.

The positive displacement pump is delivered with in-line suction and discharge ports as standard. It can be installed in areas where analogous size pumps have to be replaced, or where there are space restrictions. The flanges are provided in DIN or ANSI configurations and can be mounted either vertically or horizontally based on customers’ needs.

The screw pumps offered by North Ridge Pumps have various advantages over other positive displacement pumps, like gear pumps. They are compact since gearbox is not needed, have low-noise levels, create low pulsations, can manage fluids containing trapped air, and are excellent at self-priming.

Although the self-priming screw pump range is equipped with a maintenance-free ball bearing, it can also be incorporated with an in-built relief valve for safeguarding the system from overpressure.

As standard, this range is delivered with a mechanical seal but can also be equipped with a magnetic coupling or mechanical seal flushing, if needed. The magnetic drive allows a fully maintenance-free and leak-free solution for challenging applications.

In addition, the PZ series can be equipped with an Atex motor for installation in hazardous locations. It is marine-type approved by RINA, BV, and ABS and, if needed, can be marine witness tested by numerous classification bodies.

The PZ series of triple screw pumps are supplied in many different grades of cast iron, and hence, they can be utilized in a variety of applications within the industrial and marine markets. A few of the oils and fuels handled by the PZ series include marine diesel oil (MDO), diesel oil (DO), heavy fuel oil (HFO), low sulfur marine gas oil (LSMGO), lube oil, asphalt, bitumen, etc.

Typical applications include lube oil transfer, fuel transfer, fuel cargo, boiler/burner feed, lubricating oil circulation, fuel oil separator, fuel booster, and many more that involve compatible oils and fuels.

Product Summary

  • Low-noise pulsation operation
  • Available in many grades of cast iron
  • Exceptional self-priming capability
  • Ideal for a broad range of oils and fuels
  • Low NPSH needed
  • In-line suction and delivery ports
  • Compact design
  • Nitrided steel screws
  • Can manage viscosities ranging from 1.2 to 5000 cp
  • Can be delivered with counter flanges
  • ANSI and DIN flanges are available
  • Supplied with mechanical seal flushing
  • Supplied with magnetic coupling for leak-free and maintenance-free operation
  • Motor speeds range between 750 and 3600 RPM without the need for a gearbox
  • Each pump has been separately tested
  • Can be mounted either vertically or horizontally
  • Can be equipped with pressure relief valve
  • Maintenance-free ball bearing
  • Marine witness testing is available by numerous classification bodies
  • Marine type has been approved by RINA, ABS, and DNV
  • Can be delivered with Atex motor
  • Mill material certificates are available, as per UNI EN 10204
  • Three-phase and single-phase 50 Hz/60 Hz motors

Source: North Ridge Pumps.

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Flow rate Up to 324 m3/hour
Head (pressure) Up to 16 bar
Inlet/outlet sizes DN32 to DN250
Operating temperature Up to 150 °C
Viscosity 1.2 to 5000 cp
Drive options Electric motor, magnetic drive

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