Sensitive DSR for all Construction and Petro Chemicals Testing - Kinexus DSR+

The Kinexus DSR+ from NETZSCH is a dynamic shear rheometer for research and development needs in the asphalt sector. The rheometer offers true “plug and play” functionality for all environmental control units and measuring systems.

The Kinexus DSR+ allows superior Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-based testing and offers a full range of standard rheological tests with full flexibility of test design and configuration.

The Kinexus DSR+ integrates technological innovations that allow maximum flexibility in rheological test capabilities and standards — for complying with quality control requirements in the Asphalt sector.

  • Broad range of measurement geometries enhanced for rheological characterization of liquid binders through to solid asphalt cores
  • Grade testing to industry protocols such as EN and AASHTO specifications with Time-Temperature Superposition for master curve generation
  • Access to all rheological tests provided with the basic Kinexus package along with the standard Asphalt software
  • Innovative rSpace software interface that provides complete flexibility of test arrangement — spanning from sequence-driven SOP-type functionality to complete customizable test design
  • All modes of rheological operation — shear rate control, stress control, and direct strain controlled oscillation at demand strain amplitude for exact control of sample strain history
  • Solids fixtures for measuring accumulated strain or fatigue testing of asphalt cores and Penetrometer adapter for automated penetration testing of asphalt binders
  • Intelligent geometry recognition with complete auto-configuration and user feedback on system status ensures robust data for all measurements
  • Full sample history from the point of loading a sample onto the rheometer available in data file as standard — guaranteeing dependable rheology data for complex materials such as asphalt truly begins before a measurement is carried out
  • Outstanding vertical travel and gapping capabilities with ultra-responsive and extremely sensitive normal force system for excellent quality performance
  • Innovative “plug and play” cartridge system for the entire range of temperature and environmental controllers — all mechanical, communication, power, and fluid connections carried out in one simple action
  • Multifunctional accessory design — cylinder cartridges with interchangeable cups and plate cartridges with interchangeable lower plates — for an economical solution and extensive application coverage

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