PMV 50 Moisture Analyzer for Shorter Drying Times

Radwag’s PMV 50 moisture analyzer is a next-generation solution developed for measuring the moisture content of samples that contain a considerable amount of moisture (8%–100%).

The drying process in the analyzer is performed through microwaves. These microwaves allow uniform heating of the volume of the entire sample. When compared to conventional moisture analyzers, the PMV 50 device considerably reduces the drying time.

The PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer can be effectively used wherever materials comprising huge amounts of water are dried—for instance, syrups, liquid resin, fruit products, creams, meat, fish, and dairy products.

The sample is first positioned in the drying chamber on a glass fiber filter. The base of the chamber includes one end of the waveguide from where the microwaves are produced.

When the process is started, the microwaves are uniformly distributed on the surface of the filter and the sample is subsequently dried. The moisture content is identified based on the mass loss that occurs upon drying.

Then, a respective drying program is chosen based on the mass and chemical composition of the sample. The type and mass of the substance used determine the average duration of the process, which takes 1 to 10 minutes. On the other hand, the drying process takes 5 to 40 minutes in a standard halogen moisture analyzer.

Radwag’s PMV 50 microwave moisture analyzer is also integrated with a temperature sensor. This sensor monitors the device power to ensure that the boiling point is not exceeded during the process. A preset microwave power is also displayed on the indicator all through the drying process.


  • Ultra-short drying time when compared to standard drying techniques and conventional moisture analyzers
  • Suitable for drying samples that contain a considerable amount of moisture (8%–100%)
  • Allows uniform heating of the surface of the entire sample
  • Microwave-based solution
  • A touch screen allows easy operation
  • Advanced reports, as well as statistical and time graphs
  • Finish mode: automatic, manual, user-defined, and time-defined
  • Intricate database of drying programs

The PMV 50 moisture analyzer is based on a sophisticated class Y series system intended for laboratory balances. It features an expanded 32 GB memory that saves and stores advanced reports, as well as time and statistical graphs. In addition, wireless communication enhances both operation safety and ergonomics.

Wi-Fi® allows users to send data between a mobile device and moisture analyzer. The analyzer includes a large 5.7″ touch screen that provides user-friendly operation. It also includes proximity sensors that allow touch-free access to user-specified operations.

For each purchase of the PMV 50 moisture analyzer, customers will get:

  • A sample of sodium chloride 10% ± 0.5% to establish the accuracy of the operation at the workstation
  • 60 glass fiber filters of ø 90 mm
  • A service concerning the determination of drying parameters for five customer-chosen samples is performed by RADWAG staff

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