AS Plus Analytical Balances for Laboratory Weighing

Radwag’s AS PLUS analytical balances ensure the ultimate measurement accuracy and precision for several laboratory processes and applications.

The novel SynergyLAB range of solutions guarantee ergonomics of operation and superior performance, as well as being convenient and easy to use.

LevelSENSING System

  • Graphic on-screen prompts
  • Data regarding deviations are based on GLP and GMP
  • Permanent level control

This function is exclusively provided for AS X2 PLUS balances. A classic leveling device (i.e. spirit level) is fitted at the front of the AS R2 PLUS balances.


Mass measurement in the laboratory is supported and monitored through:

  • Remote operation
  • ALIBI memory
  • Automated adjustment
  • Automatic weighing records
  • Touch-free working
  • Data control
  • Tracking of ambient conditions

SmartLAB function is exclusively provided for AS X2 PLUS balances. The AS R2 PLUS balances are also provided with selected functions.

Internal Adjustment

  • The highest precision of indications even under most demanding conditions
  • Upgraded system for automatic internal adjustment
  • Balance sensitivity deviations are avoided with 100% efficiency

New Design Solutions

  • Aluminum balance base
    • For quantifying the stability of the system
    • For uniform temperature distribution across the housing
  • Bigger weighing chamber
    • Easy-to-access weighing pan
    • Wider open-door clearance
    • Samples in different-sized laboratory vessels can be measured

Radwag Connect

  • Android and iOS applications
  • Balance can be remotely controlled
  • Balance screen can be previewed through a tablet or a smartphone
  • Balance-stored data can be transferred online

AS X2 PLUS balances provided with Wi-Fi® interface as standard. In AS R2 PLUS balances, Wi-Fi® is provided as an option. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of Wi-Fi® Alliance.

Easy to Clean

  • Elements are assembled based on the latch-type system
  • Elements can be completely detached from the weighing chamber
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance
  • Simple and quick disassembly without the need for any tools

Antistatic Weighing Chamber

  • Electrostatic charges can be discharged by the antistatic pane coating
  • Impact of electrostatics on the weighing results is prevented

Antistatic coating has been applied in balances with a readability of d = 0.01 mg.

Communication Interfaces

  • Communication with external devices
  • Simple access to the USB port installed at the front part of the balance
  • USB flash drive support

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