Filter Robot for Filter Weighing: RB 2.4Y.F

The RB 2.4Y.F filter weighing robot available from Radwag has been designed for automatic weighing of up to 510 filters with a diameter of 47 mm, in compliance with EN 12341:2014 standard.

The device works based on the weighing mechanism of MYA 4Y microbalance, ensuring matchless repeatability and readability of d = 1 µg.

The entire elements of the robot are housed within a compact, dustproof chamber that safeguards the elements against any pollutants. The air conditioning and humidification system guarantees steady environment conditions within the chamber, ensuring the right conditioning of the filters.

The HEPA filter provided in the RB 2.4Y.F system filters the air outside the weighing chamber, preventing the entry of dust.

Current chamber status and data reporting can be controlled through monitoring of ambient conditions (such as humidity and temperature).

The usage of the RADWAG device in a measuring laboratory offers several advantages. For example, it avoids measurement errors caused by human error, minimizes the measurement time than manual filter weighing procedure, and ensures ideal ambient conditions irrespective of the environment.

Video Credit: Radwag.

The RB 2.4Y.F filter robot is provided with:

  • A six-position reference magazine to store reference filters and mass standards
  • Two magazines to store filters before and after weighing: one used while weighing, and the other for conditioning of filters, where each magazine includes 35 disks with 15 filter positions
  • An ionizing system
  • A microbalance with a draft shield
  • A control and adjustment system
  • A robot with a gripper that allows transport of the filters between the magazine and the microbalance, where the robot moves on three axes: X, Y, and Z
  • A weighing indicator to handle the operation of the device
  • A PC with the RMCS Filter software to handle the operation of the device
  • An external air conditioning unit
  • An air conditioning system provided with HEPA filter to clean the air near the robot chamber
  • Monitoring of ambient conditions (temperature, pressure, and humidity)
  • A built-in QR code reader
  • A QR code printer

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