SMA Feedthrough for UHV Applications - 242-SMAD27G-C16

Apart from its 18 GHz SMA, Allectra also provides a double-sided SMA feedthrough that has an extended frequency of up to 27 GHz.

These so-called “Super-SMA” models can also be used as a low-cost substitute to the 2.92 mm or SMA-K models, if frequencies more than 27 GHz are not needed. The housing of the 27 GHz SMA feedthrough is made of stainless steel, including gold-plated center contact.

The smallest mounting flange is 16CF. Up to four of these SMA feedthroughs can be integrated into a DN4OCF flange.

Type Super-SMA with extended Frequency range
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range 0 - 27 GHz
Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) typ 1.25 @ 27 GHz (max. 1.4*)
Insertion Loss typ. 0.15 x √ f (GHz) db
Max. voltage 500V
Temperature -55 ... 180 °C (CF flanges)
Vacuum leak rate < 5x 10-10 mbar I / s (He)
Materials Stainless Steel, BeCu, FeNi, Glass, PTFE
Plating Inner contact gold plated
Seal Welded all metal seal


*Measurements on >10 off parts gave an average value of 1.23 with a standard deviation of 0.0612.

SMA Feedthrough for UHV Applications

Flange Pins Part Code
16CF 1 242-SMAD27G-C16
40CF 1 242-SMAD27G-C40
40CF 2 242-SMAD27G-C40-2
40CF 3 242-SMAD27G-C40-3
40CF 4 242-SMAD27G-C40-4
16KF 1 242-SMAD27G-K16


Typical damping curve of 242-SMAD27G.

Typical damping curve of 242-SMAD27G.

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