Pneumatic Couplings and Connectors for Industrial Applications

The CTS Connect series of pneumatic connectors and pneumatic tube fittings available from Cincinnati Test Systems all use the company’s proprietary seal materials. These exclusive materials are made to fight wear and are resistant to all kinds of chemicals and fluids.

The result is a more durable pneumatic seal with an extended service life for low- or high-pressure applications.

Standard and Custom Pneumatic Seals

CTS has more than three decades of sealing experience in leak testing and sealing applications and offers tailored pneumatic sealing components for a variety of applications. Connector seal products from CTS include a complete series of standard pneumatic connectors, Luer connectors, pneumatic tube fittings, and more.

In addition, CTS will custom design and manufacture specialty pneumatic seals to match customer’s irregularly shaped seal surfaces. CTS delivers excellent tailored designs for the most exclusive pneumatic applications and provides pneumatic seal materials in different levels of tensile strength and hardness to match specific requirements.

All pneumatic parts are designed to match standard, SAE, metric, and other sealing requirements and comprise a range of products, including:

  • Pneumatic fittings such as Luer fittings and adapters
  • Pneumatic seals with an inside or outside connect
  • Pneumatic hand seals for light clamping and sealing applications

Pneumatic Couplings and Connectors for All Applications

CTS is an industry leader in regular and custom pneumatic connectors and pneumatic fittings. Products in the CTS Connect series of connectors and seals are built for longevity, ease of use, and sealing reliability, and are engineered to meet sealing requirements of all applications, ranging from smooth bores, flanged tubes, threaded applications, to others.

CTS also offers tailored pneumatic seals that are engineered and made to match customer’s unique specifications. Another choice is the CTS line of molded and cut specialty seals made from premium, standard, or FDA-approved urethane for complex sealing applications.

Listed below are some of the typical applications for CTS custom pneumatic fittings and pneumatic seals:


  • OD/ID engine connection
  • Powertrain testing
  • Transmission and drive line
  • Brake fluid, fuel, and coolant lines


  • Vending refrigeration
  • Residential and commercial HVAC


  • Transformer testing
  • Gas cylinder testing
  • Valve and tube testing
  • Pneumatic power tool testing

Consumer Appliances

  • Faucet/spa tub testing
  • Refrigeration system testing
  • Water heater testing
  • Gas range/stove testing
  • Washer/dryer testing

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