Leak Test and Tracer Gas Management with the TracerMate II

The TracerMate II from Cincinnati Test Systems (CTS) is a leak test and tracer gas management instrument. It is well-suited for manufacturers assembling products for industries, like HVAC, refrigeration appliances, and transportation applications, where leak rates and part deigns dictate that regular flow or pressure technologies are not appropriate for leak testing.

TracerMate II Offers a Better Solution than the Dunk Tank

The following video shows how users can eliminate messy and destructive tests in favor of an automated leak test solution using tracer gas.



Video Credit: Cincinnati Test Systems.

Portable, Turnkey Solution for HVAC and Refrigerant systems

The TracerMate II also comes in a portable, simple, turn-key system including the instrument, a hydrogen or helium detection device, and a vacuum pump, all mounted on a test cart.

Leak Test and Tracer Gas Management with the TracerMate II

Image Credit: Cincinnati Test Systems.

Testing Technologies

CTS has developed the TracerMate II with capabilities that provide more value-added features when compared to other commercially available charge/evacuation units.

  • Leak Location
    • A leak can be found and fixed: Sniff leak testing—the basic type of tracer gas leak detection technique—can be utilized to detect the location of a leak.
  • Hard vacuum test
  • Leak location after pressure decay
  • Accumulation test
  • Instrumentation that interacts with tracer gas detection devices
  • Evacuation, fill, and charge instrumentation
  • Standard gas mixer systems
  • Standard and customized manual and pneumatic seal connectors
  • Standard and customized gas reclaim or recovery systems
  • Tracer gas leak standards
  • Patented nitrogen purge, clamshell technology for the repeatable measurement of tracer gas

Standard Instrument Capabilities

  • Sniff leak test location for up to 20 separate points
  • Pressure decay, ΔP
  • Tracer gas fill and evacuation

Optional Instrument Functions

  • High-vacuum pump-out/refrigerant fill
  • Capillary back pressure test
  • Step-proof test with 1 to 10 steps in sequence
  • Capable of tracer gas reclaim
  • N2 backfill and part evacuation

Advanced Test Options

  • Hard vacuum: Pre-charged test
  • Hard vacuum: With chamber control
  • Accumulation
  • Purging clamshell to manage an elevated background around the part or joint during test

Custom Solutions

CTS models handle standard pressure vacuum - 700 psig and at custom-made higher pressures. The company’s instrumentation also functions with several tracer gas detection devices using a number of tracer gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen (H2), helium (He), and different percentages of mixtures with nitrogen.

Global Provider of HVAC Testing Equipment

CTS serves HVAC sectors worldwide. Wherever customers are, CTS products can assist them to make sure that their HVAC systems comply with environmental standards. CTS can meet customers’ unique requirements.

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