ViscoPro 2100 - A Viscometer Designed to Handle the Challenges of Process Environments

When measuring the flow of products within a process environment, you’ll face all sorts of obstacles. The outside conditions are often severe—either very hot or very cold. As a result, the instruments often need to be located in hard-to-reach, geographically distant areas. Vibration, flow, and varying pressures can impact instrument readings. Samples are often heavy, like asphalt.

Cambridge Viscosity’s VISCOpro 2100 is designed to stand up to the challenges within the process industry. With a sensor that is designed to protect itself from outside elements, the ViscoPro 2100 is highly insensitive to the outside environment. It’s continuous piston motion means that the VP2100 is self-cleaning and can run for years without recalibration.

The ViscoPro 2100 delivers accurate, real-time analysis to support critical decision making.

Key Features and Benefits

ViscoPro 2100 delivers accurate, real-time analysis. Some of its key features and benefits are:

  • The exclusive oscillating piston technique delivers unparalleled advantages
    • Unaffected by outside environments—the sensor is engineered to guard itself against any outside elements, such as flow and vibration
    • Highly durable—Without mechanical linkages, there is barely any downtime
    • With a durable calibration due to the constant piston motion, the ViscoPro 2100 is self-cleaning, which ensures it can be operated for years without requiring recalibration
    • Very powerful—the process can go above or below the range without causing damage to the system and can also deal with heavy samples, such as asphalt
  • Accurate, real-time examination assists in critical decision making
    • Repeatability of about 0.5% or 1.5% possible based on requirements
    • Ensures accurate results for challenging applications, up to 375 °C and up to 2,000 psi
    • Compliance with ASTM D445 and ASTM D7483
    • Offers diagnostic data of system performance with alarms through Modbus or system user interface
    • Exactly calibrated viscosity ranges in 20:1 spans covering 0.2 to 10,000 cP
    • Offers concurrent temperature measurement of the sample
    • Optional temperature-compensated viscosity (TCV) measurements can be accessed; TCV compares process data to a reference temperature value to assess the impact of temperature according to ASTM D341
  • Easy to set up process viscosity transmitter
    • Small sample size requirements allow easy setup and also minimizes waste from work in progress
    • Provides a broad range of probes, from 3 ANSI to NPT connections
    • Diagnostics through Modbus and real-time data
    • Automatic date and time-coded data logging offers an audit trail
    • Troubleshooting through a wired/wireless web server enabled by an optional easy-to-use, password-secured field configuration tool
    • Hazardous area certifications, including IECEX, FM, and ATEX

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