A High Capability Tribometer Designed for Sliding Wear Studies

The Pin on Disk PoD-4.0 available from Ducom is a high capability tribometer that has been developed for sliding wear studies in unidirectional sliding (clockwise and anti-clockwise) and bi-directional sliding (linear reciprocation and angular reciprocation).

The PoD 4.0 offers the potential for accurate tribology testing in a range of surroundings and testing conditions through a completely programmable system.

Operating parameters are reciprocating frequency of 0.01–10 Hz, stroke length of 1–25 mm, speed of 0.3–1500 rpm, load of 0.1–200 N, and temperature of RT to 1000 °C. Features: electric contact resistance.


  • Wear behavior of hard face coatings and cutting tools used in mining
  • Stribeck curves for mapping lubrication regimes of additives and viscosity modifiers in oils
  • Friction and wear behavior during high-temperature metal forming process
  • Wear behavior and directional dependent friction of polymer composites
  • Wear and friction behavior of brake pad materials at high temperatures


  • High-temperature module: The module includes a custom high-temperature furnace (super insulator or water-cooled furnace) that allows heating abilities of up to 1000 °C. Built-in safety sensors guarantee furnace safety.
  • Automated loading system: The automated loading option is a completely decoupled, highly accurate loading mechanism that integrates precise loading capabilities with the comfort of a “touch-button” operation. This feature enables the programming of a loading sequence (for example, run-in phase before the test).
  • Safety: An environmental chamber equipped in the tribometer guarantees safe working conditions. Also, there is sufficient insulation in the chamber to prevent direct exposure to high temperatures.
  • Automated wear track adjustment: The automated wear track adjustment module enables users to fix the wear track through the software. The sliding speed is estimated automatically.
  • Mooha 4.0: The tribometer is powered by industry 4.0 technology that makes use of augmented reality (AR)-based app on the phone. Users can observe the real-time friction data, data history, and machine health in 3D format from anywhere in the world. Data from all the sensors is centralized together with big data analytics in the cloud storage. This data bank can be accessed from remote places through the performance analytics-based desktop dashboard. The data storage and security are ISO 20546 compliant.

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