The Ducom Roller on Roller Tribometer

Ducom has introduced the Roller on Roller Tribometer/ Twin Disk that can be used for fatigue, friction, and wear testing of materials that undergo sliding and rolling. Examples include materials that are utilized in gears, cam followers, and rolling element bearings in the transportation sector.

The Ducom Roller on Roller Tribometer has the ability to achieve a maximum speed of up to 3000 rpm and the highest test load of up to 8000 N at the time of pure sliding (0% slip), rolling or sliding, and pure rolling (100% slip).

The experiments can be performed in dry or lubricated conditions. Lubricants under extreme pressure can be investigated using Stribeck curve generated at a contact pressure of 4 GPa, during a wide speed range of 1 to 3000 rpm. 

For applications in hot metal forming, and in the case of dry conditions, furnace heating of up to 700 °C can be achieved (optional). 

The Ducom Roller on Roller Tribometer is a multifunctional system; the roller on roller configuration can be substituted by a pin on roller, ball on roller, and block on roller. This tribometer is generally used to test lubricants for power transmission and to choose materials with a high rolling contact fatigue life.

Application (Top 5)

  • Rolling contact fatigue behavior of materials employed in railway wheels and bearings
  • Screening of lubricants for transmission systems of high load power at various slip ratios
  • Users can examine the tribological behavior of lubricants and steel interaction up to 120 °C
  • Up to 700 °C high-temperature tribology of materials used in metal forming
  • Users can investigate the role of material structure in its friction and wear resistance behavior


  • Modular system: The Ducom Roller on Roller Tribometer can be upgraded with any of the optional systems at any time after the purchase: variable contact conditions, lubricant cup (RT or 120 °C), high load unit (8000 N), heating module (up to 700 °C)
  • High-throughput research: The Ducom Roller on Roller Tribometer is a multifunctional system with the potential to vary the test configuration from line contact to point or area contact. This feature adds value to the research. Together with the comfort of operation, the tribometer helps to realize high-throughput research.
  • Low maintenance cost: With high-quality components and high-value design features, Ducom instruments guarantee low maintenance costs for the users. For instance, the spindle assembly in the roller on roller tribometer has a long service life compared to any other competitor tribometer available in the market. Furthermore, online customer support is provided without charge.
  • Mooha 4.0: The tribometer boasts industry 4.0 technology that makes use of a secure cloud platform. Users can view real-time data history, machine health, and friction data anywhere in the world. All the information produced from the sensors is centralized along with big data analytics in the cloud storage. This data bank can be accessed through the performance analytics-based desktop dashboard from remote places. The data security and storage comply with ISO 20546.

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