XSR Precision Balances from METTLER TOLEDO

Hit your workload head-on with XSR balances. These robust workhorses are ideal for when you have high sample throughput and tight timelines.

The XSR precision balances available from Mettler Toledo are perfect where core laboratory challenges include tight deadlines and high sample throughput. The design and features of these balances guarantee reliable weighing results in a short period.

For instance, users can save their weighing methods in the built-in method library, thereby offering quick access to everyday tasks and ensuring uniformity between users.

All task parameters and results are saved automatically to the results notepad and thus can be printed when needed. Single weighing results can be transferred effortlessly to a computer through USB. Thus, transcription errors are avoided.

The novel SmartPan™ weighing pan reduces the impacts of air currents on the weighing cell, thus considerably improving the stabilization time and repeatability, even while operating in a fume hood or difficult production setting.

The readability range of the XSR precision balances is 1 mg to 1 g, with a capacity of 310 g to 32 kg. This implies there is an XSR balance to match all types of applications.

Ergonomic and Intuitive Operation

Even the smallest balance features of the XSR precision balances are meticulously designed to deliver a high comfort level when users perform their everyday tasks.

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While operating the instrument in a standing position, users can comfortably position the display at eye-level on the modifiable ErgoStand™, which saves space and avoids bending of the neck. The touchscreen display streamlines operation and the figures are large and bright, making it easy to read.

The easy-to-use interface allows users to “swipe” through the tasks and to use many fingers for typing in data. Setup shortcuts offer quick access to saved weighing techniques. XSR display is user friendly and can be operated even through thick gloves that are chemically resistant.

Durable and Easy-to-Clean Construction

The XSR precision balances have been engineered to endure dirt, dust, harsh chemicals, and even splashing liquids. Users can concentrate on their tasks without worrying about the balance, even in tough weighing conditions, such as in a busy lab or next to the production line.

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Overload Protection

The Monobloc™ weighing cell delivers quick and precise results. Built-in overload protection and the full-metal housing protect the weighing cell and help guarantee a long service life for the balance.

Resistance to Chemicals

The full-metal housing integrated with additional balance covers guards the XSR balances against damage from dirt and dust, as well as from powerful chemicals.

Easy Cleaning

The weighing pan and the drip tray in XSR balances have been engineered such that they can be disassembled easily, without the need for any tools. Spilled substances stay inside the tray for safe disposal, while smooth surfaces and rounded edges make the entire balance very easy to clean.

Secure and Error-Free Data Handling

Multiple interfaces (4 USB, 1 LAN) offer error-free data transfer and several connection possibilities. Users can easily export and import the methods or balance settings to or from another balance via USB stick, or link a PC and transmit single weighing results to an Excel spreadsheet. The balance software senses and configures a connected device within seconds, allowing users to start work immediately.

For maximum weighing efficiency and assured traceability, the balance can be linked to LabX Laboratory Software. Users can gain access to SOP user guidance on the balance display, central managements of instruments, automatic calculations and data handling, results, and tasks.



Efficient Weighing with Smart Accessories

Weighing time can be reduced with METTLER TOLEDO’s skillfully built accessories, which make everyday tasks more ergonomic and efficient. Users can select from display stands, printers, protective covers, barcode readers, CarePacs, and more.



Better Weighing Performance in Six Easy Steps

Users can choose the appropriate precision balance and optimize their analytical process efficiency. Time and money can be saved with the new checklist from METTLER TOLEDO.



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