XSR Analytical Balances from METTLER TOLEDO

XSR analytical balances with a readability range between 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg and capacities up to 320 g to cover all your requirements for everyday analytical weighing.

XSR balances from METTLER TOLEDO provide a winning combination of truly ergonomic operation and dependable performance. Apart from being strong in construction, the balances also provide high performance even in the difficult weighing conditions of a fume hood, near a production line, or in a busy laboratory with more human occupants.

The exclusive SmartGrid weighing pan reduces air turbulence, allowing XSR balances to settle much quicker compared to balances equipped with a conventional weighing pan.

XSR analytical balances have capacities of up to 320 g and a readability that varies between 0.01 mg and 0.1 mg, to fulfill all the needs of users for daily analytical weighing.

Accurate Analytical Weighing for Everyday Tasks

Users can enjoy automatic doors, high weighing precision, comfortable operation, and ergonomic processes with the XSR analytical balances.

XSR Analytical Balances


Automatic Functions

Users can configure the automatic doors to open and close as per their needs, to facilitate and accelerate repeated weighing operations. The optional ErgoSens accessory enables users to carry out chosen operations without the need to touch the balance.

One-Step Dosing with ErgoClips

ErgoClips are simple to install and guarantee accurate positioning and secure placement of various sample containers on the balance. They allow users to dose directly into their tare vessels—as a substitute to a weighing paper.

Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

The customizable icons and clear user interface make the balance user-friendly. The built-in technique functions offer guided workflows to facilitate and accelerate everyday tasks. The operation of the color touchscreen can be carried out even while wearing gloves.

Improved Ergonomics in Daily Weighing

The XSR analytical balances include smart features that allow more convenient weighing processes, and the small footprint saves precious bench space in a laboratory. The low-positioned weighing pan enables users to rest their hand on the table for easy manual dosing.

The built-in USB and Ethernet interfaces enable peripheral devices and accessories to be easily connected to make the weighing processes of the users much easier.

XSR Analytical Balances


Automatic Data Handling with LabX

The LabX® software from METTLER TOLEDO offers adaptable SOP user guidance on the balance touchscreen. Thanks to automatic data handling, estimations, and reports, balances driven by LabX easily satisfy the process security and traceability needs. LabX helps the move toward a paperless laboratory.

XSR Analytical Balances


Efficient Weighing with Smart Accessories

Users can maximize their weighing applications with Mettler Toledo’s exclusively designed accessories and make daily tasks more efficient and ergonomic. Users can select from density kits, printers, ErgoClips, software, filter weighing kits, CarePacs, antistatic solutions, and more.

XSR Analytical Balances


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