Filter Weighing Solutions from Mettler Toledo

Filter Weighing Solutions for environmental/emission testing. Unsurpassed accuracy up to a tenth of a microgram for emissions determination with a Robotic Filter Weighing Solution or a Filter Weighing kit installed on a balance.

Filters up to 70 mm Diameter—Micro Filter Kit

The standard weighing pan can be easily exchanged in minutes for the 50 mm Filter Set or the Micro Filter Kit to change the XPR microbalance into a dedicated manual filter weighing system.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Self-centering Filter Pan

To comply with specific regulations, filters have to be centrally placed when weighed. The micro filter kit comprises two filter pans (47 and 70 mm) to hold the filters accurately and to prevent eccentric errors.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Ergonomic Operation

The glass lid permits complete visibility to enable secure and precise positioning and removal of the filter on the filter pan. Left- or right-hand motorized opening of the door can be executed by the hands-free SmartSens infrared sensors.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Antistatic Solutions

Static charge can considerably impact weighing results, especially when using PTFE filters. A full range of antistatic manual filter weighing solutions allows users to weigh accurately and exclude potential flaws.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Integrated Solutions

The quality of results is improved from stand-alone solutions to fully integrated systems:

  • Barcode data input
  • LabX data processing
  • Removal of electrostatic charge
  • Report generation
  • Secure data archiving
  • Results calculation including air buoyancy correction

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

110 mm Filter Kit—XP/XPE Analytical Balances

The 110 mm filter kit for Excellence analytical balances allows efficient and easy weighing of larger filters. The filter grid pan serves as a faraday cage, minimizing electrostatic influences and ensuring rapid and accurate weighing results.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

ErgoClip 150 mm—XP/XPE Analytical Balances

For larger filters, the 150 mm ErgoClip allows accurate and consistent filter placement, thus enhancing repeatability and quality of results.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Traceable Results

Secure and traceable results are ensured right from the LabX audit trail facility to calibration management, user management, and CarePac calibration weights.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

Smart Accessories and Software Control

A wide array of manual filter weighing smart accessories are provided:

  • Asymmetric filter tweezers
  • Dedicated filter kits
  • Barcode scanning
  • Antistatic solutions
  • LabX software solutions
  • CarePac calibration weights

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo.

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