MS-TS Analytical Balance from Mettler Toledo

The reliable and robust MS-TS balances with intuitive and large 7'' display incorporate security features such as FACT, Level Control, and Min Weigh, are convenient and reassuringly easy to use.

Reliable, Robust, Intuitive

120-320 g capacity, 0.1 mg readability

The robust MS-TS analytical balances from Mettler Toledo offer reliable, accurate, and quick outcomes with both quality-control and laboratory application support. Intuitive to function with a huge touchscreen and easy to clean, the MS-TS balances make the daily weighing tasks of users comfortable.

Furthermore, the results can be easily converted anytime using the data-management and future-proof connectivity functionalities.

Trusted Results at Users’ Fingertips

The MS-TS balances are comfortingly user-friendly and fully support lean processes on the factory floor and in the laboratory.

  • Integrated applications–easy processes
  • Large color touchscreen–convenient operation
  • Warning functions–valid results

Video Credit: Mettler Toledo

Weighing Data Handling Made Easy

EasyDirect balance software

  • Users can obtain weighing data from up to 10 balances through RS232 or Ethernet
  • Manual transcription errors can be reduced, time can be saved, and data can be stored securely
  • It is simple to review the results, produce clear and simple reports, and export data automatically or manually in several formats (CSV, XML, PDF, or XLSX)

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Get Connected for Easy Data Management

USB Device, USB Host, RS232, LAN, and optional Bluetooth or WLAN interfaces allow easy and extensive data handling. Data can be transferred to FTP server, PC, printer, or USB memory sticks, such as comprehensive XML files and PDF reports.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Optimized Display Makes Daily Tasks Easier

The 7″ extra-large color TFT touchscreen display can be operated by the users wearing latex, silicone, or cotton gloves. High digits measuring 18 mm and an intuitive user interface make daily tasks of the users simple to process.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Metal Housing Ensures Long Balance Lifetime

The complete metal body of the MS-TS Analytical Balances not only safeguards the weighing cell from impacts and environmental effects but also provides resistance to severe chemicals such as acetone to help guarantee a long balance lifetime

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Increase Productivity with Convenient Applications and Easy-to-Read Graphics

The MS-TS analytical balances contain 11 built-in applications—such as density formulation and determination, differential weighing—guide users through stepwise weighing procedures, support users with data management, and help to enhance process security. Users can evaluate the results easily with the on-screen charts and statistics function.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

User Management Options to Customize Access Rights and Improve Productivity

Balance operation is simplified by customizing user access rights. Users are provided with the access only to the applications and functions they would require in performing their tasks, thus avoiding errors and enhancing productivity. Moreover, the outcomes are traceable to separate users.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

Easy-Cleaning Features Save Time and Effort

The Quick-Lock draft shield can be dismantled within a few seconds without the need for using any tools. All parts are dishwasher proof. Surfaces are rounded and smooth to make cleaning simple.

Image Credit: Mettler Toledo

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