EasyDirect™ Pipette Asset Management Software from Mettler Toledo

The EasyDirect™ Software from Mettler Toledo saves time and streamlines pipette management.

Save Time and Simplify Pipette Management

  • Service status, location, age, use, performance, etc. can be tracked
  • Calibration scheduling can be optimized
  • An infinite number of pipettes can be handled
  • Users can be ready for audit at any time
  • Users can streamline management: automatic data updates and automatic service reminders—such as new certificates—after the service

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Manage Multiple Labs

The EasyDirect™ can be deployed as a server setup to connect many SmartStands in various laboratories with a central database. Pipette usage can be monitored remotely and, when pipettes return from service, the EasyDirect™ database is updated automatically by SmartStand with new service dates.

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Users Can Optimize Service Program

Near-term and long-term views of which pipettes are due for calibration or service help users to better align the service with their laboratory’s deadlines and workload. Using the EasyDirect™ pipette asset management software, users can assign various service plans (for example, calibration versus preventive maintenance) to each pipette for better flexibility and control.

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Reduce Preparation Time

Besides indicating which pipettes are due for calibration or service, the EasyDirect™ will set up and print service forms (with requests specific to pipettes). Precise, comprehensive forms are prepared in a fraction of the time. Furthermore, the EasyDirect™ keeps a record of which pipettes are not in service.

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Implement Quick Checks

Laboratories with RFID-fitted Mettler Toledo XSE or XPE balances can produce a fully documented and controlled process, right from method setup to method execution on the balance and obtain a calculated pass/fail result from a printer. The XPS and XPE balances will also update the subsequent quick-check date on the users’ pipette.

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Users Can Take Control of Pipette Inventory

As pipettes are shifted around the laboratory, they are left in drawers to be forgotten or lost repeatedly. By monitoring the frequent usage of a pipette (as measured by how frequently and recently it was positioned on a SmartStand), the EasyDirect™ pipette asset management software helps users to quickly establish the types of pipettes that are likely to be misplaced, lost, or have problems that should be dealt with.

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