PRESTO W56—Single-Stage Dynamic Temperature Control System

Julabo’s water-cooled PRESTO W56 can be used rapidly and efficiently for temperature control applications with high performance needs. The system has huge power reserves for difficult external applications, even at low temperatures.

The temperature control system includes a magnetically coupled pump that enables the user to adjust the pump to the ideal capacity to suit the application, even over height differences and huge distances, and for pressure-sensitive applications.

The use of modern thermodynamic technologies implies that the cooling capacity is adjusted automatically to the existing power needs. When the PRESTO W56 is used along with additional optimizations, it turns out to be energy-efficient and highly economical.

Water-Glycol up to +150 °C

The PRESTO W56 features a technical innovation: The connection of an expansion kit enables pressurized temperature control with water-glycol up to +150 °C working temperature.

Source: Julabo

Order No. 9 421 562.07
Working temperature range -56.0 ... 250.0 °C
Temperature stability 0.05 ... 0.1 °C
Heating capacity 27 kW
Cooling capacity 1 (Medium: Ethanol) °C 20 0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50    
kW 25.8 23.1 16.9 11.5 7.1 3.5 1.4    
Cooling capacity 2 (Medium: Thermal HL60) °C 200 100 20 0 -10 -20 -30 -40 -50
kW 19 25.9 24.6 20.3 15.1 10 6.3 3.1 1
Pump capacity flow rate 35 ... 80 l/min
Pump capacity flow pressure 0.48 ... 3.2 bar
Dimensions (W × L × H) 60 x 94 x 164 cm


Product Features

  • Industrial color TFT touch screen measuring 5.7″
  • ATC function for easy correction of temperature changes
  • RS485 or RS232 interface is provided for online communication
  • External Pt100 sensor connection
  • Ports for Ethernet, USB, Modbus, and RS232
  • RS485, Profibus DP (accessory), and analog connections
  • Space-optimized design makes more room directly next to the units
  • RS232
  • Ethernet


100% Checked

The PRESTO W56 ensures 100% testing and 100% quality. Every JULABO Circulator is subjected to quality testing before it can leave the factory.

Green Technology

Eco-friendly materials and technologies are constantly developed.

Touch Display—Perfect Operation

The user always has an overview of all values and functions with the help of a touch display. The multilingual and intuitive menu structure allows ideal control.

Convenience for Several Users

Administrator level for personalizing instrument settings, password protection, user levels with restricted permissions for quick and secure defined access, and all levels can be adjusted.

100% Cooling Capacity

“Active Cooling Control” is available for cooling over the entire range of working temperatures. Quick cool-down can be achieved even at higher temperatures.

Intelligent Temperature Control

Intelligent cascade control enables self-optimizing and automatic adjustment of the PID control parameters with an external stability of +/− 0.05 °C.

Control from the External Application

External Pt100 sensor connection is provided for accurate measurement and direct control in the external application.

Highest Measuring Accuracy

“Absolute Temperature Calibration” is available for manual compensation of temperature difference and 3-point calibration.

Intelligent Pump System

The temperature control system features constant and reliable pump capacity, automatic adjustment of pump capacity based on viscosity, and electronically adjustable pressure value or pump stages.

Multiple Interfaces

Data management, remote control, and incorporation into process structures can be performed easily. Ethernet, USB, SD card, RS232, and alarm off are built-in permanently. Additional interfaces are available as accessories.

Space-Saving Footprint

All the connections as well as the supply and exhaust air are situated at the front or rear, without any venting grids on the sides. Units can be positioned next to each other or the application.

Continuous Operation up to +40 °C

Powerful temperature control instrument and nonstop operation even at ambient temperatures of up to +40 °C.

Maximum Safety

Classification III as per DIN12876-1 allows secure operation, even with flammable fluids. Automatic switch-off available in case the liquid level is low or the temperature is high.

Duplicate Safety

Flexible high-temperature cut-off is offered for internal tank and built-in expansion vessel.

For Flammable Bath Fluid

Classification III (FL) as per DIN 12876-1.

Quick Support

If a fault happens, the built-in Black-Box function allows quick diagnosis by the JULABO service experts.


Greatest standards of quality for longer product life.

Quick Start

Separate JULABO consultation and extensive manuals at users’ disposal.

Satisfied Customers

Quick and qualified JULABO assistance ensured by 11 subsidiaries and over 100 partners globally.

Services 24/7

Day and night availability. Users can access appropriate data sheets, case studies, manuals, and accessories at

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