Kodak Industrial X-Ray Films & Chemicals

Baugh and Weedon has partnered with Kodak to distribute a line of industrial X-Ray chemicals and films throughout the UK and Ireland. These products will be on sale from April 1st, 2020 in the UK.

Image Credit: Baugh and Weedon NDT

Image Credit: Baugh and Weedon NDT

Kodak’s ongoing commitment to and investment in film is highlighted by the re-introduction of non-destructive testing X-Ray film products. With KODAK Industrial X-Ray films, meticulous quality standards are met for reliable, outstanding performance with market-leading innovations in the NDT industry.

KODAK Industrial X-Ray Films are robust and durable, enabling use in high demand applications, and are ASTM E1815 certified. Kodak’s T-Grain Emulsion delivers technology that minimizes noise and maximizes contrast. High attention to detail is exercised for each speed range with a powerful image tone and quality. Kodak industrial films are effective in long and short cycles, which offers outstanding processing flexibility.

T-GRAIN Emulsion

KODAK T-GRAIN Emulsion provides advanced technology that maximizes contrasts in industrial radiographic testing applications. It provides superior attention to detail for each speed range always delivering low noise, a clean image tone, and showing even the smallest details.

"A Sharp Clear Quality Image Every Single Time"

Through disciplined manufacturing, consistent production quality is achieved to ISO 9001:2015 standards. From the operator's perspective, Kodak delivers X-Ray film that is heat-resistant, extremely sturdy and static-resistant. Results are precise and clear and achieved with far fewer artifacts resulting from handling.

Kodak Industrial X-Ray Film

X-Ray Film 7400

  • Fine grain, high speed and high contrast.
  • Processing options: Manual and Automatic (Exposure conditions: 180 keV ISO/ANSI/EN).

X-Ray Film 7200

  • Very fine grain exceptionally high definition and contrast, ideal for high-temperature applications.
  • Options: Manual and Automatic (Exposure conditions: 200 keV ISO/ANSI/EN).
  • Its versatility allows you to have direct X-Ray or intensification screen options.

X-Ray Film 7125

  • Medium speed, very fine grain film offers exceptionally high contrast and definition.
  • Ideal for critical radiography with high energy applications.
  • Processing Options: Automatic (Exposure conditions: 200 keV ISO/ANSI/EN) and Manual.
  • Ideal for aerospace industry, archaeology, composite materials, defense & nuclear, electrical parts, forensics, forestry, oil & gas pipelines, paintings & sculptures, and welds & casting.

X-Ray Film 7100

  • Very fine grain, low-speed film offers high definition and contrast.
  • Ideal for critical radiography with high energy applications.
  • Ideal for aerospace, composite materials, oil & gas pipelines, paintings & sculptures, electrical parts, forensics, defense & nuclear, welds & casting.

X-Ray Film 7050

  • ASTM E 1815 Class Special and EN ISO 11699-1 Class 1 slow-speed film.
  • Very fine grain offers superior sensitivity and exceptionally high contrast.
  • Ideal for the aircraft industry, composite materials, defense & nuclear, electrical parts, forensics, welds & casting.

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