Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) Analyzer: Futura 3

The Futura 3 continuous flow analyzer available from AMS Alliance is a combination of technologies that enables fulfillment of the requirements of both simple and complex analyses.

The main characteristics of this system could be explained in three points: automation, capacity, and modularity. When coupled with an auto-sampler XYZ (with up to 720 positions), it can reach a sample throughput of 120 samples per hour.

The Futura 3 analyzer operates in a completely automated manner, even for the most complex chemistries. It features excellent modularity and can be used with up to 16 channels simultaneously to multiply parallel analyses. The system is highly versatile and users can benefit from easy analytical manifold change over.

Futura 3 is a prerequisite to measure cyanides, phenols, detergents, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, and various other parameters.

With the new analytical softwarethe Futura series of analyzers is now:

  • More versatile
  • More ergonomic
  • More reliable
  • More LIMS and OS compatible
  • Simpler
  • More comprehensive
  • Faster

Main Advantages

  • Supports up to 16 analytical channels
  • The new analytical software is simpler and more comprehensive
  • New three-speed, high-precision peristaltic pump
  • New wider color screen
  • Users can choose between macro-flow, micro-flow, or combine both
  • Users can choose between air injector and air pinch valve
  • Pump tube platen is automatically engaged and released
  • Automatic cleaning and programmed reagent injection
  • Flow cells with multiple path lengths (10 mm to 1 m) for an extensive array of analytical ranges
  • New YYZ auto-sampler with up to 720 positions
  • Fully automated module available as an option for automated handling of external modules and accessories

Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) Analyzer—Futura 3


Continuous Flow Analyzer (CFA) Analyzer—Futura 3

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