Measure of Starch Damage in Flour - SDmatic

The SDmatic from CHOPIN Technologies has been developed to quantify starch damage in flours within 10 minutes.


The SDmatic allows enzyme-free and completely automated analysis, using 1 g of flour.


Results can be obtained in less than 10 minutes.


Standardized and reproducible measurement can be made.

SDmatic (English)


The measurement principle is built on the amperometric method (Medcalf & Gilles). The SDmatic quantifies the absorption of iodine in a diluted flour suspension. The rapid absorption of iodine by the starch depends on its extent of damage.



  • Millers can control their flour quality
  • They can check the settings of their mill (wear, parallelism, and rolls)

Baking Industries

  • Baking industries can control the uniformity of flours (proofing, behavior at the time of the process, and hydration rate) as well as the quality of end products (aspect and taste qualities)
  • Dough yield can be enhanced by altering the hydration rate of flours

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