Measure the Characteristics of Dough During Proofing - Rheo F4

The Rheo F4 from CHOPIN Technologies has been designed to quantify the properties of dough during proofing.


  • Quantifies within a single test
    • The porosity of the dough
    • The development of the dough
    • The tolerance of the dough at the time of proofing
    • The generation of gas caused by yeast action


Thanks to the customizable protocol, all kinds of yeast dough can be analyzed.


Automated testing and tracking can be done through PC software.

Rheo F4 (English)


The volume of end products relies on both the quantity of CO2 generated by the yeast and the gas-retaining properties of the dough.

The Rheo F4 offers a detailed analysis of the proofing properties of flours by quantifying the volume of dough, the production of CO2, as well as its tolerance and porosity at the time of proofing.


  • The activity of dried and fresh yeasts can be tracked
  • Optimum baking time can be determined
  • Complete formulas containing fats and sugar can be analyzed
  • Durum wheat semolina can be analyzed
  • High-fiber recipes can be analyzed
  • The impacts of additives such as vitamins, ascorbic acid, and cysteine can be studied

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