Measures the Characteristics of Dough During Mixing - Mixolab 2

The Mixolab 2 from CHOPIN Technologies quantifies the properties of dough during mixing and also measures the quality of protein and starch.

Comprehensive and Versatile

Users can easily generate customized testing protocol for doughs, whole wheat flours, or various cereals that can be directly sampled online.

  • The standard “Chopin +” protocol assesses:
    • The behavior during mixing (stability, development time, hydration, etc.)
    • Gelatinization of starch
    • Retrogradation of starch
    • Amylase activity
    • Protein quality


The built-in software in the Mixolab 2 quantifies each of the standard curve parameters and transforms them into six qualitative indexes, such as mixing, absorption, Gluten+, amylase, viscosity, and retrogradation.

Mixolab Simulator

The Simulator protocol shows a reconstituted Farinograph® curve and provides results that are completely similar to those of the Farinograph® curve:

  • Weakening
  • Stability
  • Absorption of water
  • Development time

New WiXO Protocol

Users can receive a prediction of alveographic results in just 8 minutes.

MIXOLAB 2 by CHOPIN Technologies (English)


The Mixolab 2 quantifies the consistency of a dough exposed to the dual limitations of mixing and rising temperatures. It inspects the quality of starch and protein using a 50 g sample of the flour.


For Breeders

  • Enables the selection of wheat seed varieties from generations F4-F5

For Millers

  • Identification of pest-infestation in wheat
  • Wheat testing at the point of delivery
  • Adaptation of flours for final applications via accurate dosing of additives
  • Optimization of wheat and flour blends
  • Assessment of the effect of damaged starch
  • Analysis of different streams of flour mills

For Bakers

  • Analyzing the formulas of whole-wheat flours
  • Analyzing the rheological behavior of fiber-rich flours
  • Validating the conformity of delivered flours
  • Enables the elaboration of gluten-free products

For All

  • Optimization of quality control and customers’ specifications

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